What is an Agent of Record?

Insurance companies will not disclose information on your account with anyone except the agent of record. *

What You Can Expect

  1. Professional advice for your health insurance needs
  2. Current information on laws and regulations
  3. Insurance plan options that meet your needs and budget

Why a consultation fee?

When a company or individual takes the advice of our Northwest Benefit Strategies, that time is valuable and unpaid. Please ask for our consultation fee in advance if you're not intending to use an Agent of Record.

*An 'Agent of Record' letter authorizes Northwest Benefit Strategies to represent you in the purchase, servicing, and maintenance of health insurance coverage with your specified insurance company.

The letter gives permission to the insurance company to release your plan information (benefits and rates) and discuss your coverage with Northwest Benefit Strategies. The letter also assigns commission (already built into your monthly cost) to Northwest Benefit Strategies so that we are paid for the services we provide.